Helping your Child at Home

At Hoyle Court we believe well-organised, structured homework tasks and activities make an important contribution to a child’s progress and achievement. Homework provides a good opportunity for parents to be actively involved in their child’s learning in partnership with the school and to demonstrate positive attitudes towards the importance of learning.

Tasks will complement the curriculum topics and learning that the children are working on in class and will take different forms, e.g. research, discussing, longer projects. As the children move through the school the amount of homework set increases, in line with government guideline and in preparation for secondary school. 

By far the most important aspects of your support are:

  • Talking to your child about their day - what they have been doing - what they have enjoyed especially - what they now know which they didn't know before;
  • Reading to them and letting them read to you - enjoying a book together;
  • Providing them with the environment in which they have a chance to succeed - e.g. ensuring that they do it in a quiet room which does not have a T.V. on at the same time; ensuring that younger siblings cannot interfere.
  • Taking an interest in ensuring that the focus is on quality work - have they done their best or have they rushed it ?


Our Homework Policy (click here)



  • "I dont understand my child's homework".
  • "It is taking too long".
  • "Homework is becoming a 'battle".
  • "We didn't do it like this when I was at school - can I shown my child a different way?"
  • "Can I help my child or are they supposed to do the work by themselves?"

If you want to find out what the expectation are for your child, please refer to our classes pages. Details of our curriculum and what is taught in each year groups are also available on our curriculum page.


Should you still require further support, please ask!



 Additional help (click below)





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