The Schools Mental Health Award

 We are delighted to share our new certificate from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in England. This has been a year long accumulation of   evidence from all the fantastic work which goes on at Hoyle Court Primary School. This work is with the pupils, the parents/carers, the staff, governors and external providers and we are incredibly proud of all the work which goes into supporting everyone to ensure they access the best intervention for mental health and Well being.

Children’s Mental Health & Well-being


 My name is Isobel Sheard and I am the school’s Pupil Parent Support Manager. My role is all about supporting families, in whatever capacity is needed.

 I am also a trained Mental Health First Aider and the school’s Mental Health Champion which enables me to spot the early signs of a mental health issue and provide appropriate support or guide towards the best outside professionals. I work alongside key members of staff and the Pastoral team (Miss McHale, Mrs Davies, Mrs Raynor and Miss Saidy) to identify children who may be struggling and require additional pastoral, social or emotional support.

The children in school are able to come and see me or a member of the Pastoral Team if they need to talk, so please encourage your child to do this. We are part of the Mental Health Champions in Bradford, parents can access the website which contains useful information and support around mental health and well-being  (click here).

 Please go to or call: 0300 555 5551 for information about free courses related to stress (poster displayed below).


I can be contacted via email any time if you wish to share your concerns or to arrange an appointment:– 




Want to known what we do in school to support children?

Our Pupil Mental Health & Well-being Policy (click here) 


Useful information for Parents around Mental Health & Well-being

Mental health leaflet for Parents

Self-harm booklet First Response leaflet
Well being book list Support options booklet Supporting Transgender Pupils Leaflet LGBT
The Anxious child booklet You need to know guide for parents 5 steps to well being
Depression guidance for young people Happier Living wall poster Worry doll instructions
Get up and go booklet Anxiety leaflet for parents Mindfulness for parents and their children
OCD anxiety booklet Self-harm leaflet for parents


 Helplines and websites:

 Child-line Get help and advice about a wide range of issues, call them on 0800 1111, talk to a counsellor online, send Child-line an email or post on the message boards. 

Young Minds The Parents Helpline is available to offer advice to anyone worried about a child or young person under 25. You may have questions about a child’s behaviour, emotional well-being, or mental health condition. You may have a child who’s already been admitted to CAMHS and have questions about their treatment or want to know what to say to your GP when you visit them. Call 0808 802 5544 or visit the website.

 NSPCC If you are worried about a child you can contact their trained helpline counsellors for 24/7 help, advice and support 0808 0800 5000. 

 The Mix 0808 808 4994 - Free information and support for under 25's in the UK. Get advice about sex, relationships, drugs, mental health, money & jobs. 

 Step 2; Providing Counselling services and sexual health services for the Young People and families of Bradford 01274 683118 click here. 

 Off The Record -A service in Bradford City Centre providing counselling for Young People from 13 years old 01274 733080. 

  Relate -Providers of counselling services to Children from age 5 and their families 01274 726096 .

 Supportline -Listed on here are some helplines and websites where children and young people can get information, advice and support.
 Charlie Waller Memorial Trustaims to increase public awareness of the nature, symptoms and dangers of depression and reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. 

 Winstons Wish  the UK’s childhood bereavement charity. We support children and their families after the death of a parent or sibling.

If you are concerned that yourself or another is experiencing a Mental Health crisis-Urgent Help:

First Response is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service open to all people of all ages living in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven experiencing a mental health crisis. You can Call First Response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 01274-221181.

To access official advice given by the NHS on dealing with a mental health crisis, you can click here and see what steps to take and at which point to take those measures.