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Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2

5/6FR - Mrs Fenton & Mrs Rigby

5/6C - Mr Coulson

5/6G - Mr Greetham

Support Staff - Mrs Dudley, Mrs Davies & Mrs Rayner

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What are we learning?

Spring 1

This half term we are excited to be learning about 'the Tudors'.  We will be learning about life in Tudor times including the royals, significant figures and buildings. We will also be reading a children's version of the classic novel 'Macbeth' by Shakespeare and 'My Friend Walter' by Michael Morpurgo. In English, we will be writing a biography of Sir Walter Raleigh and an historical narrative linked to our class books. In art and design, we will be creating self-portraits with a Tudor twist! 

We have been excited to hear what the children have been reading during the Christmas break. Many children have read two or three complete books over the holidays. Please keep encouraging your child to read as often as possible. Also, please read with your child - they aren't too old just yet!!!




Monday - 

Outdoor PE - 5/6C


Tuesday - 

Outdoor PE - 5/6FR


Thursday -

Indoor PE - 5/6C

Indoor PE - 5/6G


Friday -

Indoor PE - 5/6FR

Outdoor PE - 5/6G


Maths/ Grammar homework day - ALL




Please ensure your child has their correct PE kit in school and it is clearly labelled with your child's name. Many thanks.



Specific maths or grammar written homework will be sent home on a Friday. This will be in your child's homework book. It will be expected back in school by the following Tuesday. 

Homework diaries (which are also reading records) must be brought to and from school every day. Please sign your child's homework diary every week. 


Times tables

We encourage children to practise their times tables and division facts for our weekly tests. Your child will bring their completed test home each week so you can see their score and practise any errors.

ALL children also have a times table Rockstars login which is great for practising at home. This can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Children may be given specific challenges to complete as required.

There are also some great times table games online including :





Spellings are learned on a 2 weekly basis. Spellings are practised in school regularly and will also be written into your child's homework diary so they can practise at home. The website below is also great for practising spellings at home. It can be accessed on a laptop, tablet or smart phone. 



Reading homework

Year 5/6 should read a chapter book for at least fifteen minutes most nights (3 times a week minimum). We also encourage children in UKS2 to read classic children's novels. Reading to your child is also still very valuable  - they aren't too old just yet! Please make a note in your child's homework diary when you have read together. 


Please also encourage your child to practise their reading skills on readtheory.org.uk.  Many thanks.

Please also remember our school library is open after school Monday-Thursday 3.15-3.30.


Knowledge Organiser Homework
Our new knowledge organisers detail the learning which will take place in topic lessons. Please try and learn the key facts and vocabulary by heart.