*This includes Parents/Carers of children in Reception, Year 1 and 2*

Do you know your child could qualify for Free School Meals? If your child is eligible it means they can enjoy delicious, healthy meals without the bills.  You would also be entitled to a school uniform voucher for £26.  A healthy diet helps pupils learn and establishes healthy habits for life. School meals will give your child a real appetite for learning and help them to achieve their full potential. The school offers free school meals, available to any family in receipt of one or more benefits. Please click on the link to check or contact school.


Deadline is Friday September 25th 

Our Values

Respect Responsibility - ResilienceKindnessTeamwork

Have you read with your child today? Remember to join the reading rocket challenge! Reach for the reading stars!

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  • We are very proud of our school and our children. Our pride is matched only by our ambition for the children and the school. We strive for excellence; that’s why we don't take for granted what a great school we have. We’re sure you will feel the same.  


  • We are a caring school with traditional values. We have fantastic facilities and Teachers who love learning. We strive to nurture happy and successful children who remember their primary school days as very special ones.  


  • At Hoyle Court we believe that every child has the right to reach their potential in as many ways as possible. We are therefore committed to providing the best and broadest possible education for your child and strive to continually find ways to improve in order to meet this aim.  


  • Children begin their primary education by developing confidence, independence, resilience and self esteem. They are encouraged to become self disciplined, responsible and motivated learners within a caring and purposeful environment where every child is valued.


  • We believe that working together in partnership with parents is essential in order to equip every child with the necessary skills they will need to succeed in our ever changing world. Parental interest, encouragement and support are warmly welcomed .


  • I hope you find the information on this website is a useful guide to both what we believe in and what we can provide. If there is anything further you wish to know please do not hesitate to ask.


Tim Phillips, Headteacher

Free offer to all Parents/Carers/any adult

My Well being College through the NHS is offering 'Free' courses to anyone who would like to know more about Stress, Low mood, Anxiety or Panic. There are two courses on offer, Stress Control and Living Life to the Full.

Please look on our Mental Health and Well being page for more details and link to their website. 



Our Vision for Hoyle Court Primary School


  • We will nurture children’s self-esteem and enjoyment of school so they can all feel proud in achieving high standards and making progress in every part of life.


  • We will create a school where everyone is inspired to succeed and where all staff, pupils, parents and governors play a collective role in its successes, through shared responsibility and involvement.


  • We will develop learning which is engaging and meaningful and provide memorable experiences through learning, broader aspects of school life and developing children’s interest in the wider world.


  • We will support our school community and each other through our enthusiasm, compassion and through building trusting relationships where everyone feels supported and listened to.


  • We will ensure positive attitudes to learning are nurtured and children’s enquiring minds are challenged, inspiring them to become resilient and self-assured learners so they can be the best they can be.


  • We will lead by positive example through demonstrating the very best standards of conduct, moral purpose and integrity so everyone involved in our school feels valued and respected.


  • We will grow a safe and respectful environment where children are confident to make responsible choices, guiding them to grow into healthy, caring and productive citizens who are aware of their rights and responsibilities.