Sports Premium


What is Sports Premium Funding?

The government has provided each school with a sum of money depending on the number of children in the school, to be spent on providing excellent quality sports teaching.

What has the funding been spent on previsouly?

Click the link below to find out how our children have benefited from the sports premium fund.


School's allocation of the Sports Premium 2016 - 2017


What is the funding being spent on in 2018-19?

The Deportment for education have increased the amount of funding schools now get. This is now £19,000 per year. 

In the Spring Term we will decide what we will be spending the money on for the next school year. Our initial plans are: 


We will replenish our sports equipment, much of which is old and of poor quality. 

We will start saving for improved playground play and sports equipment.

We will provide training to staff to improve their skills in delivering sports and PE sessions.

We will ensure there are additional adults available in PE lessons, to make sure our less confident pupils in these lessons are supported and that our more able pupils are challenged and pushed that little but further. 

We will also be subsidizing after-school sports clubs by £1.00 for each session. This means that most sports will cost £2.50 per session and Bradford City Football sessions will cost £2.00.

To see what clubs we will be running, see below. We asked the children what clubs they wanted  - this is what they told us.