Our Ethos and Aims

Our ethos

Our family ethos ensures that everyone is welcomed, respected and valued. We strive to provide citizens of the future who are able to make a significant contribution to the community.

We believe that:

"Every child is a learner and can achieve"

We will promote:

  • A learning culture
  • High expectations
  • A family community

We will provide this through:

  • A safe, caring environment.
  • High quality teaching meeting the needs of individual children.
  • Offering a curriculum that is relevant, stimulating and fun.

Our aims 

  1. To promote learning through fostering a caring family environment – with all  children feeling secure and happy and valued.
  2. To develop in all children an appreciation of the richness of our multicultural community.
  3. To encourage children to have respect for themselves and others.
  4. To ensure positive attitudes are fostered and individual contributions valued.
  5. To promote high expectations of each other, in behaviour, attitude and attainment.
  6. To provide an exciting, stimulating and relevant curriculum through which the needs of individuals are met.
  7. To extend children to enable them to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their development.
  8. To encourage children to be confident, responsible and self-motivated.
  9. To prepare children so that they leave our school, fully equipped to be successful in their future lives in our ever changing technological society.