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Christmas fair

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As you know , our school has recently held a  christmas fair  .  We had a cafe ,  arts and craft stall ,  tombola , chocolate tombola  and much more amazing stuff . Year 6 raised £ 200 alone  and with evryone chipping in , who know' s how much we have raised ! The choclat e tombola completly sold out and so did the  normal tombala  .so thank  you  evryone bought somting or donated to any of the tombolas  .

Christmas Dinner/Party

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On Wednesday 16th December we are having our Christmas dinner and parties for each class. The Christmas dinner will be like any traditional Christmas dinner but at school . You do not have to bring in any food for the schools dinner but you can bring in food for the Christmas party afterwards. The Christmas dinner costs £1.60 so make sure if your child is having the school Christmas dinner, they bring in there money. The Christmas dinner will include meat, veggies, and other lovely treats. Lower KS1 , upper KS1 ,lower KS2 and upper KS2 will all be having separate parties but will all be having the Christmas dinner together. You can bring more clothes to wear during the party. Make sure your child knows about the party and fair . 

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School Fair

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Friday 4th December we will be having our School Fair . Parents are allowed to come and take their children around the school to have a look around . If you can , before Tuesday 1st bring in any chocolate (without nuts) or teddy bears for the tombola . If you cannot come don't worry your child will get given a job in the classroom . We recommend coming since us children have all worked very hard on the fair and so have the PTA.  We all hope to see you there .

Tips , 

1 . Bring some money

2 . If you cannot come alert your child so they will be able to tell a member of staff 

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Hoyle court does sports!

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At Hoyle Court sport is popular throughout the school. Miss Fallon and Mr Ramsdon take pupils on sporting competitions such as football, cricket and rounders fairly regularly and during break-times there is always 1 game of football and basketball going on. At the moment KS2 have a few children from every class who have been picked to go to a football tournament. People in year 5S in particular have been wondering and worrying about how the cold weather and snow will effect sport tournaments and break-time sports. Pupils from Leeds Beckett University are coming in to teach years 5 and 6 rugby and basketball.