Welcome to LKS2

3/4S - Miss Sykes & Mrs Farrell

3/4B - Mrs Barraclough & Miss Dudley

3/4L - Miss Lockwood & Miss Cowling

Spring 1- The Human Body


This half term our topic is 'The Human Body.' We will be exploring the body and learning everything there is to know! Some of the things we want to find out are;


  • How do white blood cells fight infection? Kaylan (3/4S)
  • Why do we get poorly? Alissia (3/4B)
  • Why do some people need inhalers? Ariah (3/4L)
  • What do our kidneys do? Sam (3/4L)

This morning we enjoyed composing our own music in the style of 'O'Fortuna'. We had to take elements of the music and make them our own. It was very noisy but lots of fun!

We have had fun exploring electrical circuits this morning! We were investigating whether different materials were conductors or insulators.

Monday - PE am (3/4B)

Tuesday- PE am (3/4L)

Wednesday- PE am (3/4S)

Thursday- PE pm (All LKS2)

                - Testing spellings and times tables

                - sharing optional homework

                - any extra homework will be sent home 

                - new spellings will be sent home

Friday- Show and Tell (3/4S)


Please ensure your child has both an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.



Polite Reminder -Children in Years 3 and 4 should bring their reading record/ homework diary to school every day.