Welcome to UKS2

5/6FR - Mrs Fenton, Mrs Rigby & Miss McHale

5/6C - Mr Cooper & Mrs Sikora

5/6dJ - Mrs de Jong & Mrs Davies


Our new topic for Spring 1 is all about Ancient Egypt! First we will be looking at Egypt and creating a holiday brochure and identifying where in the world it is as well as identifying it's landscape. We will then look back at the Ancient Egyptians and find out what life was like then. Throughout the topic we will write explanation texts and letters,create sculptures and look at printing. 


12/1/18 - 5/6FR are really enjoying their violin lessons. Look at the concentration and focus! 

3/1/18- 5/6FR travelled to Egypt today. We packed our suitcase, collected our passports and boarding passes and headed to the Airport. We then went through security and check-in before boarding our flight. Our two pilots (Ahmed and Rayyan) flew us safely to Cairo, with the help of Sadie and Daniel, who provided drinks and refreshments. Once we had arrived we checked in to our hotel and began to plan our holiday adventures. We researched the activities we would be able to do including snorkelling, cruising down the Nile, visiting the Pyramids and much more. In addition to this, we looked at a map of the world and identified key counties.

17th November - We used two apples as an analogy for how words hurt people on the inside and how sometimes the damage and hurt our words cause cannot be seen.We made emoji posters showing how bullies make people feel and think by the words they say. We then reversed this and used emojis to show how kind words can make people feel. We used the slogan 'It hurts' and 'Everyone is more than a zero, so don't be a bully be a HERO!' Well done Tabby, what a great slogan.

13/12/17- We have enjoyed our science unit this half term on Electrical circuits. We have used our knowledge to take part in a 'Dragons' Den' activity. We had to design and make a festive decoration that could light up. We incorporated switches, conductors, motors, buzzers and bulbs. 

30/11/17 - Practising shoulder rolls during our Parkour PE lesson. Great fun!


 Autumn Term

 This term we are learning about Saltaire. We will be finding out about Sir Titus Salt and how and why he built Salts Mill. During the term, we will find out what the conditions inside the mill were like for many children and we will compare this to the life of a child working in a mill in Bradford. 



Monday  - Mrs Fenton

Tuesday  - Mrs Fenton 

Outdoor PE 

Spanish - Senora Beckwith

Art - Miss Milner

Wednesday - Mrs Fenton



Thursday - Mrs Rigby


Friday - Mrs Rigby

Times table test - 5/6FR

Homework day - ALL

Swimming - year 5 - after Feb half term