Welcome to class RB from Mrs Borwell, Mrs Rayner and  Miss Davison.

Week 6

Thank you to everyone who brought in their finds, we have enjoyed looking closely and observing details in the different Autumn objects.

This week we have been focusing on Autumn and learning about scarecrows. The children have enjoyed making their own scarecrows which are going to be used for our Harvest assembly. We have used the internet and have been researching scarecrows.

We had a great time on Wednesday when the children from 3/4S came to read with us. We got into partners and the children read a story together. . It was a lovely chance for siblings to work together and to meet other children in school. 

The children have been working hard again in phonics, we have learned the sounds l, h and r this week and tricky word no. We have enjoyed doing horse jumps outside, building houses, making rockets and robots in the different areas. Children are now trying to segment and blend simple CVC words which is great.

Please don't forget our Harvest assembly on Monday at 2.45 in the hall, the children have been working so hard learning new songs, we would love for you to come and join us!



Week 5 

Thank you to everyone who has now signed the tapastry consent forms as we have been able to go live. We hope you have enjoyed sharing your child's learning.

This week we followed the children's interests in the bakery and thought about what other things we could make. We decided to make our own sandwiches for Paddington bear! The children did a fantastic job spreading the butter and marmalade and cutting them in half. Paddington really enjoyed his snack! We have learnt our new sounds o,e and u. We made fresh orange juice, had an Elmer day and watched the ugly duckling. The children have done some fantastic colour mixing and thought carefully about the patterns they can make for Elmer.

We enjoyed our Friday trip to the woods where the children collected lots of leaves, we looked at the patterns carefully and made our own leaf rubbings. The children loved doing this and seeing the different details on the leaf and tree trunks.



Week 4

This week the children have really enjoyed using our new bakers area in the home corner. We have had a look at the different bakeries and what they sell. The children have been busy making their own gingerbread, cookies and biscuits in the bakers using lots of different resources for eyes, buttons and decorations.

Following the children's interests we have looked st the story of The Gignebread Man. We have read the book and the children have loved joining in with the rhyme. We have made our own gingerbread men in the craft area and even made some real ones with Sally Sandwich.

We have introduced Golden Moments this week, this is a special celebration for the children when we see a wow moment! A special bell is rung and all the children gather on the carpet or where the moment has happened, we play a special golden moment song and celebrate the achievement with a party popper. Well done to the children who have already had one this week! There has been lot of amazing work.


Week 3

This week we have started to look at the story of the Three Little Pigs after following the children's interests. We read different versions of the story and the children enjoyed joining in with some of the words they knew. We used different materials to make houses. In the block area groups of children decided to build houses which were made out of bricks, they took it in turns to try and blow down the house but luckily it was so strong it didn't fall down! We also enjoyed watching the story on the whiteboard and everyone listened so carefully.

We are continuing our phonics and this week we learnt the sounds p,i,n and the tricky word I. The children enjoyed using the musical instruments when learning about the 'i' and managed to tap to the beat of Iggle Piggle which was lots of fun.

We are also encouraging and reminding children about the importance of washing hands and staying healthy as some children have been poorly this week. We hope you are all starting to feel better and look forward to having you back in school!

Thank you.



Week 2

We have had another busy week in Reception. The children have settled in really well doing full days and are becoming much more confident in the school hall at lunch time. We also had our first assembly this week where the children joined in with singing. We will be going to the assemblies on Wednesday's for singing and Friday's for celebration. 

Thank you for providing your children with waterproof clothing and wellies. We have been really busy learning outside, and even had a visit to the woods. Some children have enjoyed gardening where we managed to dig up some potatoes! On Friday some of the children did some cooking with Sally Sandwich where we cooked our potatoes and made chips, they were so delicious.The children also learnt about the importance of washing hands before we touch foods and cooking.

We have started phonics this week and have introduced a new sound each day (c,s,a,t). This has been based around the children'as interests. They have all worked really hard on sound hunts inside and outside the classroom and practising writing the sounds in the different areas of the classroom. If you would like more information on phonics then please attend the Phonics Workshop on Monday at 2.45, we look forward to seeing you then. 

Thank you. 




Welcome to Reception!


The children have had a brilliant first week and have settled into school calmly and confidently. They are making new friends, learning to follow the Hoyle Court Way (school rules) and the daily routines. The children have enjoyed staying for lunch and having a tour of the school.


The children look really smart their new school uniforms. However, we are finding that some clothes and shoes are not labelled  and therefore children are getting them mixed up. Please ensure that all your child's property is labelled with a permanent marker or label.  Children have really enjoyed learning outside but some children have not got waterproofs or wellies to access the mud kitchen and water areas. If you have not already brought these into school, please bring them into school as soon as soon as possible.

Thank you. 


On a Wednesday morning RB class will have a PE lesson in the hall. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit including: a white t-shirt, navy shorts and pumps. Please encourage your child to practise getting dressed and undressed independently.

Every Monday afternoon RB class will be taught PHSCE by Mrs Sheard


Monday - Mrs Sheard (pm)

Show and Tell ( see group list)


Tuesday - 


Wednesday - PE


Thursday -


Friday -  Homework      challenge