Welcome to Reception 

RH - Miss Hiley, Mrs Jones and Miss Davison

RB - Mrs Borwell & Mrs Rayner

Summer 2 - Week 5

This week we have finished our superhero theme. The children have really enjoyed basing their learning on superheroes. This week we have started to look at other counties such as America for Independence Day and countries within the world cup. We also had our penalty shoot out and the children chose two countries to find out more about linked to the World Cup. This has started our new topic linked to the seaside and holidays! We are excited to learn more about this next week.On Wednesday it was transition morning, the children really enjoyed meeting their new teachers and exploring their new classrooms. They are now excited for their year one journey.

Summer 2 - Week 4 

This week we have made the most of the lovely weather. We have done most of our learning outside. Some children have been busy making shelters and dens away from the sunshine, some children have been exploring with the water. We have also been busy with the Evil Pea. He has been causing mischief in Reception this week! He hid our wellies, trapped our class bears but also gave us a little treat of ice pops to cool us down in the heat.  We have been working hard to write him letters back, some children have been making traps to try and catch him! We have also enjoyed looking after Lottie the Tortoise and finding out the difference between a turtle and a tortoise.In our phonics some children have been busy recapping our phonics sounds. Some children are continuing with their phase 5 sounds. Please continue to help practise phonics sounds as we are still working on this in school.


Summer 2- Week 3

This week we have enjoyed celebrating Eid. We had a special visitor come into our class and speak to the children all about how Eid is celebrated. We had popadoms for our snack and looked at the artefacts. Some children were able to share their own experiences of how they were celebrating Eid and brought in gorgeous clothes to share with the class. We have also been on our trip to St James Church. The children behaved so well , showing great respect to the reverend. The children were then able to make some great comparisons of mosques and church's. and produced some amazing work when they returned back to school.

We have also read the book Supertato this week and have enjoyed thinking about different foods. We have been exploring the fridges and freezers within school, trying to find the evil pea! Some children have been practising their counting and doubling  skills with the evil pea. We also found our class teddies, honey bear and Malcom trapped by evil pea. Some children made traps and wrote letters back to the evil pea. We will be continuing this into next week. 



Summer 2- Week 2


This week we have been busy in our classroom celebrating art week. The children had a go with the marbling inks. They produced some great patterns and colours. We used the marbling as the background for our Monet work. The children used a variety of resources to create the famous waterlille's picture. We also used our marbling to create our super Father's Day cards. We hope you like them. The children have also been experimenting with using clay this week. They have enjoyed the texture and creating their own models with it. We used the clay to create coasters for the dads and grandads. The children added patterns and beads too!

We have also been recapping our number work and phonics as we are in our final term of reception!

Happy Eid to all our children and families celebrating. We are having our own Eid celebration on Monday.





Summer 1 -Week 1

A great first day back, the children loved participating in sports day, we were so proud of the children for trying all activities, you did amazing. Thank you to the parents and careers who came to support. 

Summer 1- Week 6

This week reception have been involved in science week. They were given a challenge to make their own boat.  Would it be waterproof? What materials could you use? Will it float or will it sink? Will the Queen stay dry? All week the children have been busy improving and designing their boats, some children has even decided to to test them before the big challenge on Friday. The children showed amazing teamwork and great investigating skills. We had the boat race on Friday and enjoyed watching all the different boats, amazing! 

We also enjoyed reading the story of Noah's Ark and have been busy practising our counting in twos skills. Some children are really confident at this now, well done. We also have had lots of time challenges this week and children have enjoyed making their own clocks and exploring time. I wonder if you can spots the time at home too? 

We hope you all have a relaxing and well deserved break, we will see you back at school on Thursday 7th June, ready for sports day! 




Summer 1 - Week 5

This week we have been celebrating the Royal Wedding. We introduced money and children enjoyed looking closely at the different coins, and even spotted the  queen on some of the notes.  We have also been practising our sharing skills by sharing dog biscuits to give to the Queen's corgi. Thank you to the parents who brought in photographs of  their own weddings. We enjoyed  comparing different weddings and finding similarities. The children celebrated the Royal Wedding on Friday by having our own ceremony. Children took on roles and responsibilities and put on a lovely experience event.  We celebrated afterwards with cupcakes made with Sally Sandwich and had home made lemonade, and jam sandwiches a which the children cut into halves and quarters. what a lovely event!

Summer 1- Week 4

This week reception class have been focusing on the story  of Jack and the bean stalk. We have been busy reading the story, making our own beanstalks and measuring in different ways. Some children enjoyed writing about magic beans and what they would like them to turn into.

The children had been practising our spring songs and working hard to learn their lines for the assembly. They all did an amazing performance and were so brave standing up in front of the school and grown ups. We are so proud of you. The children had a treat on Friday for all their hard work, they had ice lollies and enjoyed playing on the big field! 

We have been recapping our maths skills including adding and doubling. We will be continuing this next week too.


Summer 1- Week 3

Reception class have had another very busy week. The children have started to get our garden ready for planting by using the rakes to soften the soil. We have spoken about the different plants we have noticed such as daffodils, blossom and bluebells. 

We have been getting ready for our class assembly, learning lots of songs. The children have been reading the big carrot and all done some amazing writing about this. Some children have helped Sally Sandwich to make a delicious carrot soup. It was very tasty! 

We have been identifying 3D shapes and went on a shape hunt up to the woods. The children are becoming more confident at describing shapes!  

Summer 1 - Week 2

This week the children have continued to learn about farms. Some children have been adding the animals legs and recording this as an addition. We have been also learning about farm animals and matching the mother and the young. 

We have continued our phonics and children are working so hard with blending and writing skills. 



Summer 1 - Week 1

Wow, what a busy weekend reception class have had. We hope you all had a lovely break over the Easter holidays. 

This week in reception we have been on our visit to the farm, we had an amazing time feeding the calfs, collecting eggs, looking at all the animals and enjoying a tractor ride. All the children really enjoyed the trip and were so well behaved. This week we have enjoyed using the farm animals in our learning. We bought some fresh eggs at the farm and the children helped to make egg and cress sandwiches with Sally Sandwich, we were really proud of the children who had a try. Some children have been busy counting sets of animals, adding and counting in twos.  We have been busy practising our number skills, thank you to the parents who have been using the maths targets books. 

We have also tried to make the most of the lovely weather we have had. The children have loved learning outdoors this week, we have been learning about keeping safe in the sun by ensuring children have suncream, sunhats and sunglasses. We made a little paddling pool and shelters for children to cool down in.☀️ We will be continuing our farm topic next week. 



Spring 2 - Week 6 

This week reception have enjoyed doing lots of Easter activities. The children have enjoyed paintings and decorating their own Easter eggs, counting and and sharing with eggs, Andrew even going on an egg hunt into the woods. 

We have also finally been able to celebrate  world book day, we teamed up with classes in year 3/4 and enjoyed sharing a story together. All children did a lovely piece  of eriting about their costumes and we discussed our favourite story books. 

We hope you all have a lovely spring break and look forward to seeing you back to school ready for our school umber term. Please don't forget our school trip on Tuesday 18th to the farm!



Spring 2 - Week 5

This week we focused on Africa. We have looked at the different African animals and done some lovely more writing about our favourite ones. Some children decided to make South African flags and used Google to help research this. 

In our phonics we have been playing games to help recap our tricky words such as tricky words snakes and ladders and dominos. 

We have been busy every day going onto the big playground and trying our hardest to run six laps (1km) for comic relief. We are so proud of all the children who have each showed amazing improvement throughout the week. Well done. 



Spring 2 - Week 4

This week the children have been introduced to our new topic of Birds. We have read the text Follow the Swallow, some of our learning linked to birds, including making bird feed and making our own birds. 

We have been busy practising our counting skills and some children have been introduced to sharing. We have been sharing worms for the birds and food for the guinea pigs! 

We have enjoyed the wet weather and made the most of all the puddles. The children have enjoyed enioyed colour mixing in puddles and adding washing up on liquid to help wash and clean the stage. 

We look forward to continuing  our topic next week and looking more into Africa! 


Spring 2 - Week 3

This week reception have had another busy week, we continued our People Who Help Us Topic. The children have been using the small world figures of police officers and making up their own problems and emergencies. On Monday we were lucky to have a police officer come to our class and speak with the children about his job. The children asked questions and listened carefully to his answers. Some children worked really hard and wrote thank you letters. We have also been doing lots of work on Mother's Day, everyone made a lovely card and wrote a special message to their mummy's. Thank you to all the mums/aunties/grandmas who attended our afternoon tea party on Friday. We hope you enjoyed it, minus the technical difficulties! 

Spring 2 - Week 2

What a funny week it has been! We have enjoyed exploring the snow at school; making snow angels and having snow ball fights! We really enjoyed warming up with a hot chocolate and a biscuit. We also introduced police officers as part of our People Who Help Us topic, we will continue this next week. 

We hope you enjoyed your three snow days and made the most of the snow. Please upload any photographs to tapestry so we can share them together.

We should hopefully be back to normal next week.

Just a reminder, if you or a relative would like to come into school to talk about your job if it fits in with our topic, please speak with a member of staff. Thank you.

Spring 2 - Week 1

Welcome back. This week we have started our new topic, People Who Help Us, following the children's interests. We have thought about what jobs do help people. We have focused on fire fighters this week and have used Fireman Sam in our learning. The children have enjoyed making ladders and using rulers to measure them, making hose pipes and seeing which is the longest. We read nonfiction texts about fire fighters and learned about their job. Some children have been busy writing facts and labelling fire fighters clothing.

In our maths we introduced doubling numbers. The children were working hard to use ladders to double for fireman Sam. We have also been busy ordering numbers from 0-20. 

Outside the children have enjoyed using bottles filled with water to put out tricky words and numbers on fire. This has been great fun.

We will be focusing on police officers next week. 


Spring 1 - Week 6

This week we have been so busy. We have learned about different types of dogs as it is the year of the dog for Chinese New Year. We looked at dogs who help us, including police dogs, guide dogs and rescue dogs. We linked our learning to paw patrol and the children enjoyed taking about their own pets at home.

We also enjoyed celebrating pancake day. The children made their own pancakes with Sally Sandwich and chose their own topping, we discussed if their toppings were healthy or unhealthy and why. We used pancakes to help with our taking away skills, this was great fun! The children all did a brilliant piece of writing about pancakes using their phonics skills. Well done reception, you have worked so hard.

Following the children's interests after the holidays we will be starting our topic, people who help us. 

We hope you all have a lovely break over half term. See you in a week! 



Spring 1 - Week 5

This week reception have been busy exploring Chinese New Year. We have been using our new restaurant to make noodles and rice dishes. The children have been challenging themselves to have a go using chopsticks.

We have been using prawn crackers to help us with our taking away problems which have been lots of fun. Sally Sandwich and some of chefs helped to make noodles, we spoke about the ingredients and most of the children really enjoyed tasting them. We have been dancing to Chinese music and exploring instruments too. On Friday we had a letter from a Chinese dragon.. it left us clues leading up the woods where we found a large egg, luckily it was Mrs Jones hiding with cake! We have had such a busy week. 



Spring 1 - Week 4

This week we have continued to explore our arctic theme. We have researched animals including polar bears, seals, whales and penguins. The children all did a lovely piece of writing about the facts they had learned.

This week we have introduced some 3D shapes including a sphere, cube and cone. The children have been busy on shapes hunts and trying to sport as many as they can in the environment. We have made different models and arrangements with shapes and some children have tried to sort shapes between 2D and 3D. 

We have changed our home corner into a Chinese restaurant ready for our learning next week. The children enjoyed finding out a little bit about China. We are excited to find out more about this next week. 


Spring 1 - Week 3

This week we have started to look at the topic Frozen. We have used Anna,Elsa and Olaf in our learning and some children have tried to write captions from the characters. Some children have been busy making different ice castles and snowmen! We explored the ice outside and thought about how and why it melts. 

We have been practising our adding and one more skills by feeding Sven the correct amount of carrots. 

We will be continuing our frozen topic next week and starting to look at different arctic animals in more detail. Some of the children have enjoyed finding out about polar bears this week, we are excited to find out more. 


Spring 1- Week 2

This week we have busy learnings about the stickman story. We made our first story map. This included reading the story and using pictures to help remember the key parts of the book. We did one together as a class and the children worked so hard to help retell the story. Some children even had a go at making their own story maps which were brilliant. 

The children all produced a piece of writing about the story stickman, they referred to the storymaps to help them and remember their favourite part. We have put the writing on the learning windows in the classrooms so please feel free to have a look! 

 There has been some brilliant learning outside this week. We have been firefighters, making robots with loose parts, and making stickmen. Lots of children have enjoyed using the mud kitchen and water area. Just a reminder, please ensure your child has waterproofs in school. Thank you. 


Spring 1 - Week 1

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely break for the Christmas holidays. 

This week we have been busy getting back into routines. We have started our phonics again where we are working really hard to read and write sounds, words and sentences. 

This week we have read the story stickman. We have been listening to all the rhyming words and tried to join in with words and phrases. We have been to the woods to collect lots of sticks ready for more activities next week! 

We have been doing our counting relating to stickman and have used sticks with our number work. We have been adding sticks , making sets and finding one more and one less. We will also be continuing this next week. 

We have been busy caring for our guinea pigs this week as we noticed Spike has been a little poorly. In RB we have turns the home corner into a vets to practise caring and looking after animals. In RH we have followed the children's interests and made our home corner into a cafe where children have been busy making and serving lots of interesting dishes. 


Autumn 2- Week 7

We have had a brilliant final week at school. We have been so busy with lots of different Christmas crafts and activities. We have been decorating and writing our Christmas cards for our families. The children each made a party hat for our Christmas dinner. The children enjoyed singing along to Christmas music whilst eating their lunch with their friends and teachers. We have also had our Christmas party. We played games such as pass the parcel, best dancers, musical statues and bumps. We had lots of delicious party food and even had some left over the next day for our snack. 

We are so proud of you all for being at school for a whole term now. You all know the rules and routines and are confident at school. We hope you all have a brilliant break at home and we look forward to seeing you back in the new year. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the Reception team. 



Autumn 2- Week 6

This week in RH we have been doing our Nativity. We had our dress rehearsal and performances for parents during the day and after school. A big thank you to all the parents and families who came to watch. We were all so proud of the children for being so confident on the stage and singing beautifully. Well done Reception.

We also watched the Pre-School Nativity on Thursday which the children listened and sat so carefully to watch.

Some children have been baking this week with Sally Sandwich who made lots of gingerbread people. We enjoyed selling these at the Christmas Fair. Thank you to everyone who came to the fair, the children seemed to all really enjoy it. 

We have been busy doing lots of Christmas activities too. 



Autumn 2 - Week 5

Thank you for the brilliant photographs of your own Teddy Bears's Picnic, it looked like you had lots of fun and some great counting done too.

This week reception have been rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity. We are so excited for you to come and see it on Wednesday, the children have all worked so hard. They have been making and decorating hats for their characters. 

We had brilliant fun on Thursday decorating the classroom and Christmas tree, singing Christmas songs and starting our Christmas activities. We were so excited to have found footprints and 2 advents calanders left for us. 

We have also started our letters to Santa this week, each child worked so hard to write independently and tried to apply their phonics knowledge. We think Santa will be impressed too! 



Autumn 2 - Week 4

This week we have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have read the story and listened to different versions. We have been using porridge oats and pretending to be Goldilocks and deciding if then porridge is too hot, too cold or just right! Some of the children have been so busy making a bed for the three bears in the construction area and some children have been trying to write recipes of porridge! Goldilocks was so cheeky she even left some porridge in our outdoor area, we followed the traces of porridge to the woods and found some goodies for a picnic. It was a little cold and damp outside so we enjoyed having our picnic  inside all together. 

We also had a very exciting day on Friday when we got to ride in the fire engine, the firefighters were so kind to let us all explore. It was really interesting to see all the equipment stored in the back. 

In phonics this week some children have learned the sounds y and qu, some children have been practising blending CVC words and some children have been recapping sounds. We have all learned the tricky word he. 

Next week we will be starting our maths assessments. We will be sending out next steps/targets for your child on tapestry, so please keep checking for these. 

Thank you for all the parents who are reading at home with your child, it is so important and the children are really enjoying it. 



Autumn 2- Week 3

This week in RH we have started practising our Christmas Nativity, the children are trying so hard to remember  all the songs and words if they have a speaking part. Please speak to a member of staff if you are having trouble with sorting a costume. 

This week we have been focusing on friendship and how to be a good friend. When have made friendship medals for each other and been thinking about who our friends are and why. We also discussed if we get hurt that sometimes it might be an accident or on purpose and looked at different emotions we can feel. 

In phonics we have learned the sounds j and x and enjoyed makjng jam sandwiches for friends and cutting up jelly. We have also been using timers outside to see how many jumps and jogs we can do. 

Thank you to everyone who brought in a donation for Children In Need, the children did a brilliant job at making and decorating the buns with Sally Sandwich and we enjoyed watching the bake off  in the hall.  The children have done some brilliantly counting and writing linked to Pudsey bear! 


Autumn 2- Week 2

Thank you for the lovely photographs of you all enjoying bonfire night, the children were confident to speak about what they had been doing and how to stay safe on bonfire night.

We have had another busy week. The children have enjoyed celebrating Miss Hiley's birthday by making cards, cakes and party hats. We explored the numbers 5,15,20,25 and children were great at adding candles to cakes. 

In phonics we have been focusing on tricky words this week. We learned the and to. We also learned the ff sound and were huffing and puffing to blow the candles out! 

We have been also learning about Remembrance Day and the children showed great respect when listening about the soldiers.  The children made some brilliant poppies in the craft, playdough and painting to help think about the soldiers. Well done Reception you have been so busy this week.

Autumn 2 - Week 1 

We hope you all had a lovely break over the holidays.  Thank you for the items for show and tell, she children showed great confidence when speaking and answering questions. 

This week we haven been focusing on Halloween. We have been making witches spells by counting out the ingredients needed and even had a go at writing the recipes. We have read the stories Room on a Broom and Winnie the Witch and we have really enjoyed listening to them. The children did some fantastic pictures of Winnie and Wilber. 

In phonics this week we learned the sounds w, f, b and tricky word go.  We used the bikes outside and made our own stop and go signs where the children had to read the signs. The children will be starting to work in smaller groups for their phonics sessions from next week to ensure their next steps are being met. 

At the woods this week we had a competition to see who could make the highest bonfire. We collected sticks, and leaves and enjoyed eating chocolates and signing songs around it. We spoke about bonfire safety. If you are going to a bonfire this weekend we would love to see any pictures. Stay safe! 

Week 7

Well done to all of Reception for their brilliant singing in the Harvest Assembly, we are very proud of you. Thank you to all the families who came to support their children and for donations of food for the Bradford Food Bank.

This week we have celebrated the festival of Diwali, we listened to the story of Rama and Sita, made Diwali cards and enjoyed making Menhdi patterns on handprints and even on own own hands with paint. We used shapes and colours to make our own Rangoli patterns which looked great. To finish off we used musical instruments and joined in with the dancing, we had a brilliant time! 

In phonics this week we have learned the k and ck sounds. We researched kangaroos and enjoyed seeing how far we could jump and used a ruler and meter sticks to measure! The children created their own sock puppets and some even made sock animals. The children are starting to segment and blend simple words such as kit, sock etc. Well done. 

We hope you all enjoy the holidays and have a lovely well deserved rest. You have all worked so hard in your first half term in Reception. See you back on Monday 30th October. 


Week 6

Thank you to everyone who brought in their finds, we have enjoyed looking closely and observing details in the different Autumn objects. 

This week we have been focusing on Autumn and learning about scarecrows. The children have enjoyed making their own scarecrows which are going to be used for our Harvest assembly. We have used the internet and have been researching scarecrows. 

We had a great time on Friday afternoon  when the children from 3/4B  came to read with us. We got into partners and the children read a story together. . It was a lovely chance for siblings to work together and to meet other children in school.

The children have been working hard again in phonics, we have learned the sounds l, h and r this week and tricky word no.  We have enjoyed doing horse jumps outside, building houses, making rockets and robots in the different areas. Children are now trying to segment and blend simple CVC words which is great. 

Please don't forget our Harvest assembly on Monday at 2.45 in the hall, the children have been working so hard learning new songs, we would love for you to come and join us!


Week 5 

Week 4

Thank you to everyone who has now signed the tapastry consent forms as we have been able to go live. We hope you have enjoyed sharing your child's learning. 

This week we followed the children's interests in the bakery and thought about what other things we could make. We decided to make our own sandwiches for Paddington bear! The children did a fantastic job spreading the butter and marmalade and cutting them in half. Paddington really enjoyed his snack! We have learnt our new sounds o,e and u. We made fresh orange juice, had an Elmer day and watched the ugly duckling. The children have done some fantastic colour mixing and thought carefully about the patterns they can make for Elmer. 

We enjoyed our Friday trip to the woods where the children collected lots of leaves, we looked at the patterns carefully and made our own leaf rubbings. The children loved doing this and seeing the different details on the leaf and tree trunks. 



This week the children have really enjoyed using our new bakers area in the home corner. We have had a look at the different bakeries and what they sell. The children have been busy making their own gingerbread, cookies and biscuits in the bakers using lots of different resources for eyes, buttons and decorations.

Following the children's interests we have looked st the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have read the book and the children have loved joining in with the rhyme. We have made our own gingerbread men in the craft area and even made some real ones with Sally Sandwich. 

We have introduced Golden Moments this week, this is a special celebration for the children when we see a wow moment! A special bell is rung and all the children gather on the carpet or where the moment has happened, we play a special golden moment song and celebrate the achievement with a party popper. Well done to the children who have already had one this week! There has been lot of amazing work. 

Week 3

This week we have started to look at the story of the Three Little Pigs after following the children's interests. We read different versions of the story and the children enjoyed joining in with some of the words they knew. We used different materials to make houses. In the block area groups of children decided to build houses which were made out of bricks, they took it in turns to try and blow down the house but luckily it was so strong it didn't fall down! We also enjoyed watching the story on the whiteboard and everyone listened so carefully.

We are continuing our phonics and this week we learnt the sounds p,i,n and the tricky word I. The children enjoyed using the musical instruments when learning about the 'i' and managed to tap to the beat of Iggle Piggle which was lots of fun.

We are also encouraging and reminding children about the importance of washing hands and staying healthy as some children have been poorly this week. We hope you are all starting to feel better and look forward to having you back in school!

Thank you.


Week 2

We have had another busy week in Reception. The children have settled in really well doing full days and are becoming much more confident in the school hall at lunch time. We also had our first assembly this week where the children joined in with singing. We will be going to the assemblies on Wednesday's for singing and Friday's for celebration. 

Thank you for providing your children with waterproof clothing and wellies. We have been really busy learning outside, and even had a visit to the woods. Some children have enjoyed gardening where we managed to dig up some potatoes! On Friday some of the children did some cooking with Sally Sandwich where we cooked our potatoes and made chips, they were so delicious.The children also learnt about the importance of washing hands before we touch foods and cooking.

We have started phonics this week and have introduced a new sound each day (c,s,a,t). This has been based around the children'as interests. They have all worked really hard on sound hunts inside and outside the classroom and practising writing the sounds in the different areas of the classroom. If you would like more information on phonics then please attend the Phonics Workshop on Monday at 2.45, we look forward to seeing you then. 

Thank you. 

Welcome to Reception!


The children have had a brilliant first week and have settled into school calmly and confidently. They are making new friends, learning to follow the Hoyle Court Way (school rules) and the daily routines. The children have enjoyed staying for lunch and having a tour of the school.


The children look really smart their new school uniforms. However, we are finding that some clothes and shoes are not labelled  and therefore children are getting them mixed up. Please ensure that all your child's property is labelled with a permanent marker or label.  Children have really enjoyed learning outside but some children have not got waterproofs or wellies to access the mud kitchen and water areas. If you have not already brought these into school, please bring them into school as soon as soon as possible.

Thank you. 


On a Monday morning RH class will have a PE lesson in the hall. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit including: a white t-shirt, navy shorts and pumps. Please encourage your child to practise getting dressed and undressed independently.

Every Monday RH class will be taught PE and PHSCE by Miss Millner. 


Monday- PE  RH and  Showing (Please see colour group list)


Wednesday - Singing Assembly



Thursday - Open the Book Assembly 


Friday -   Celebration Assembly  

Visit to the woods 





Inspirational Person 


RH class inspirational person is Neil Armstrong. We will be learning about him and linking him to our own learning experiences.