Welcome to 5/6C from Mr Cooper, Mrs Sikora

We hope you all had an enjoyable half term.

Mr Cooper and Mrs Sikora

Autumn 2

 This half term, we will be continuing with our topic of Saltaire. This time we will be learning more about Sir Titus Salt himself and what an amazing man he was.

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Autumn 1

During the first week, 5/6C will be learning about our inspirational person - Martin Luther King Jnr.

We will be researching who he is, why he is inspirational and what we can learn from him.


 After this, our topic will be all about Saltaire. We will be finding out about Sir Titus Salt and how and why he built Salts Mill. During the term, we will find out what the conditions inside the mill were like for many children and we will compare this to the life of a child working in a mill in Bradford.







Times table test

Any optional homework completed to be handed in.


Outdoor PE


Homework due in


Times table test


PE (could be outdoor or indoor depending on the weather)

One piece of homework set to be handed in the following Wednesday.