Welcome  from Mrs

Barraclough to Year 3/4B



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Year 3/4 inspirational person for this year is Gandhi

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
 This week we will be researching who he is, why he is inspirational and what we can learn from hIM. Gandhi was a man of positivity and equality, which is something we respect massively at Hoyle court Primary and is part of our British Values.



Text 1: Escape from Pompeii – Christina Balit.

In Literacy we will be doing lots of guided reading around our first book. We will be putting ourselves in the shoes Tranio whilst we explore the text through lots of drama based activities. We will be focussing on recounts and writing our own based around Mount Vesuvius erupting.


This topic is history led. We will be doing lots of work on Romans and the Pompeii disaster. After this we will move on to Roman lifestyle and the story of Boudica.



Our text has lots of links to geography. We will be finding out where Pompeii is and be learning how to find it on a map before identifying the symbols used to show a volcano/mountain. We will then be researching known volcanoes around the world and creating independent projects on these.


In maths, we will continue to look at multiplication and division. We will be looking at formal written methods and be applying these to help us solve two step problems.


 We will be completing lots of investigations linked to light and sound before looking at the human body.  


In PSHCE we will be looking at relationships.


In RE we will be looking at right and wrong in Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism.


In PE we will be training like Roman gladiators by completing lots of circuit training.


In ICT we are looking at game coding.