Welcome  from Mrs

Barraclough to Year 3/4B



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Year 3/4 inspirational person for this year is Gandhi

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
 This week we will be researching who he is, why he is inspirational and what we can learn from hIM. Gandhi was a man of positivity and equality, which is something we respect massively at Hoyle court Primary and is part of our British Values.



Text 1: Beowulf

In Literacy we will be doing lots of guided reading around our first book. We will be putting ourselves in the shoes of Beowulf a Viking warrior from long ago whilst we explore the text through lots of drama based activities. We will be focussing on story writing looking at developing our descriptive techniques and eventually building up throughout our unit of work, to produce our own stories that include a hero that saves the day!


 History - The Vikings

This topic is history led. The children will be given their opportunity to develop their understanding of the Viking era including Viking food, clothes, weapons, battles and much more!  The children will also be making and sampling Viking bread with Sally Sandwich!



In geography we will be using maps and atlases to locate the different countries that were invaded by the Vikings many years ago.  We will be discussing why we felt the Vikings chose to settle in these places and identifying the consequences of such actions.



 Our main focus in maths this half term will be number and place value.  The children will be learning how to read and write numbers with increased value.  They will also be ordering and comparing these numbers as well as rounding them and identifying 10, 100 and 1000 more or less than given numbers.  Throughout this maths topic the children will be given many opportunities to solve problems both in groups and on an individual basis.  



 Our topic in Science this half term will be electrical circuits.  The topic will include identifying common appliances that run on electricity as well as being given the opportunity to experiment with building their own electrical circuits including batteries, bulbs, wires, switches and buzzers.  There will also be a problem solving element to the unit where the children will need to workout issues and solve problems as groups or on an individual basis.  



In RE we will be looking at religious building identifying similarities and differences between the different faiths.




In ICT we are looking at game coding and designing our own games. 

Polite Reminder -Children in Years 3 and 4 should bring their reading record/ homework diary to school every day.

Monday - PE am



Thursday- PE pm

                - Testing spellings and times tables

                - sharing optional homework

                - any extra homework will be sent home 

                - new spellings will be sent home